If you were to ask one of Oklahoma's newest teachers why they chose 教学, they 很可能会说:“因为我梦想一个更美好的世界?.”

Anyone who knows and enjoys their content area, has good people and communication skills, and has a commitment to our youth and our society, should seriously consider 教学. Perhaps you are that special person who will shape the future and make a 年轻人生活的不同. 需要有能力的老师 当今多元化的学生是至关重要的.

A great teacher knows content and knows how to teach that content in ways that engage 儿童和年轻人. 他或她知道如何管理一个充满好奇心的教室 minds and knows how to assess learning, making adjustments as warranted. USAO提供 成为一名伟大的老师所需要的准备. 跨学科方法 to Liberal 艺术 found at USAO is the ideal foundation for any teacher. USAO”nationally-accredited teacher education program offers teacher certification in the following areas: Art, 聋教育, 幼儿教育, 小学教育, English, 仪器 Music, Mathematics, 体育课, Science, Social Studies, and 直言不讳的 Music.


The 教育与语言病理学学院 at the University of Science and 俄克拉荷马州的艺术 is hosting an accreditation visit by the Council for the 认证 教育工作者预备课程(制定)将于2023年11月6日至8日举行. 欢迎有兴趣的人士 向评估小组提交第三方意见. 请注意,评论必须 address substantive matters related to the quality of professional education programs offered, and should specify the party's relationship to the provider (i.e.,大学本科, 现任或前任教员,毕业生雇主).



To support the 教育与语言病理学学院, please use the "给 下面的按钮.





  • 艺术教育
  • 聋教育
  • 幼儿教育
  • 小学教育
  • 英语教育
  • 体育课
  • 数学教育
  • 音乐教育
    • 仪器
    • 直言不讳的
  • 科学教育
  • 社会研究及教育






俄克拉荷马州报告- USAO -年度州报告OEQA



The federal government requires universities to disclose to out-of-state students if their programs are designed to meet their home state’s educational requirements a) for a specific license and b) is required for employment in an occupation (e.g. teacher certification, counseling, professional pilot, social work, etc.)或销售 或者广告来满足教育要求. 这允许学生选择 一个最适合他们未来需求和目标的机构. 这些披露的信息 must be posted publicly and should be easily accessible to students. 他们应该列出 states in three categories: a) meets requirements for 许可, b) does not meet requirements for 许可, and c) has not been determined if meets requirements for 许可.

While additional certification exams may be required in states other than Oklahoma 达到认证,a B.S. 在小学,幼儿和聋人教育 meets the requirements for professional 许可 in the majority of states throughout 美国.

See USAO’s current determination regarding member states with reciprocity agreements 与俄克拉荷马.