的 视觉艺术 includes exhibitions in the Nesbitt Gallery, Art Wrecker Studio and the 3rd Floor of Davis Hall, along with a high school art competition and other 事件s. 

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表演艺术 includes performances by our Concert Choir and Concert Band and productions by our 的atre 艺术 Department in the fall and spring semesters. 

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Davis-Waldorf 表演艺术 Series

的 mission of the Davis-Waldorf 表演艺术 Series is to encourage attendance at high-quality performing arts 事件s as an aspect of a liberal arts education for our students, to provide an affordable entertainment resource for our college family and our community, and to become a leader in local arts education by presenting relevant and culturally diverse programming that reflects and broadens the aesthetic of our 观众.

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USAO's campus is a host to various talented and inspiring speakers throughout the 一年.  

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On the first Thursday of April each 一年, the university holds its largest annual 事件. 的 春天三 is comprised of the 蒙马特 Festival, USAO bbin电竞游戏满足 and Droverstock Music Festival. Students from regional high schools compete in a wide variety of subjects in the scholastic meet, with awards given to the highest scorers at individual and school levels. Droverstock brings in bands from around the country and from many different genres to supply the soundtrack for the day’s 事件s.

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